Singing Doodles (2009)

Sound / Installation / Interaction
/ Processing / Max Msp

In this installation, each colour is a different instrument- visitors were encouraged to draw, listen, play and add to the growing collection of ’scores’ on the wall.

This project was an exploration of the space between thoughts and sounds.
Using approaches such as Synesthesia, Ekphrasis and graphical scoring as inspiration I investigated the needs of those for whom traditional scoring is un helpful, such as some highly musical Dyslexics and Dyspraxics or those who simply have no formal musical training.

“The written language of music is at once indispensable yet hopelessly inadequate in conveying every detail of a musical concept. While musical scores are static, music itself is a living art, and as such requires the freedom to change...
(Fredrick Pritchard, Brushed With Blue, Composer’s Note, Effel Publications, 2002)
Photo courtesy of Hayeon Yoo
Photo courtesy of Hayeon Yoo