Walk The Solar System (2010)

Public / Installation / Experience

Despite many a primary school drawing or text book illustration, a true scale model of our Solar System is unfeasible on paper.To get a sense of its true vastness, I invited people to walk the Solar System.

A walkable scale model was installed, which began at Kingsland Road in Dalston and finished in Stamford Hill, London; running along part of one of Britain’s most historic and longest Roman roads.

Local shopkeepers at appropriate points on the route acted as guardians to the planets – hosting models represented by everyday objects, at their correct sizes on this 3.1 km scale. Those following the map, or simply passing by, were invited to pay a visit to the planetary guardians and request to be shown the planet.

Guardians and their planets are documented and celebrated in these specially commissioned portraits by photographer Mark Henderson.The project has finished for now, hopefully to resurface one day in a new location, however, if you would like to follow the route, the map is available here.

Here is an interview I gave to We Make Money Not Art about the project.

The Sun, 75cm Yoga Ball, Afroworld
7 Kingsland High Street, E8 2JS
Mercury: Ink Cartridge Ball Bearing
Shaba, 17 Kingsland High St, E8 2JS
Venus: 1/4 inch Metal Ball Bearing
Ladbrokes, 23-25 Kingsland High St
Earth: Small Dried Pea, Kahlio, Han
dbag vendor, next to Kingsland Fish
Mars: Metallic Dragée, The
Kingsland Pub, E8 2JS
Jupiter: Orange, hosted by Sömine
131 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB
Saturn: Tennis Ball, High Quality
Dry Cleaners, 73 Stoke Newington Rd
Uranus: 25 mm Bouncy Ball, Mr Kumar
Kozzy Home, 108 Stoke Newington hst
Neptune: Radish, Stamford Hill
Computers, 80 Stamford Hill, N16 6
Pluto: Pin head, Lisa Star Nails
145 Stamford Hill, N16 5LG